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Prochains Seminaires

Stability properties of rotating black holes, Marc Casals

6 janvier 2022

Black holes in the Universe do not exist in isolation but, rather, they are surrounded by matter. It is therefore important to study the (...)

Propagating light through the large-scale structure of the Universe, Michel-Andrès Breton

16 décembre 2021

On the largest cosmic scales we assume the statistical isotropy and homogeneity of the matter density field. However, our knowledge comes mostly (...)

Michelle Tsirou (MPIK-Heidelberg, Germany), The flaring behaviour of the Crab pulsar wind nebula in high-energy gamma-rays : signatures originating from lepton acceleration in pulsar winds (?)

9 décembre 2021

The Crab pulsar wind nebula system is one of the brightest gamma-ray sources in our galaxy, observed across the electromagnetic spectrum. Its (...)

Love Numbers and Magnetic Susceptibility of Charged Black Holes, David Pereñiguez

2 décembre 2021

Four-dimensional black holes (BH) of GR do not deform under external fields. This is a very special result of 4D, and ceases to hold in higher (...)

Anna Watts, A NICER view of neutron stars

25 novembre 2021

NICER, the Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer, is an X-ray telescope that was installed on the International Space Station in 2017. Its (...)

Christian Fendt, Launching of astrophysical jets

18 novembre 2021

I will present recent results of MHD simulations investigating the launching of astrophysical jets, covering both relativistic and (...)