Into the Heart of Darkness : Theory and Phenomenology of Non-Singular Black Holes

Jacopo Mazza

The existence of spacetime singularities is arguably one of the most disquieting predictions of general relativity. For this reason, the prevailing attitude is that some yet-to-be-discovered ‘new physics’ beyond general relativity will prevent their formation. So far, however, there is little indication as to what such new physics might be. In this seminar, I wish to present a theory-agnostic approach whereby phenomenological models describing non-singular alternatives to GR black holes can be built without committing to any specific beyond-GR framework. The phenomenology of such (GR) black hole ‘mimickers’ is rich and remarkably consequential for assessing the physical viability of these objects. I will discuss some applications, focusing in particular on stability issues. Finally, I will close with some reflections on the implications this approach might have for the search of new physics beyond GR.