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  • Classical Anthropic Everett model: indeterminacy in a preordained universe,
    B. Carter, Journal of Cosmology 14 , 2011.

  • Anthropic measure of hominid (and other) terrestrials,
    B. Carter, Observatoire Paris-Meudon, October 2010.

  • Dynamics of Strings and Branes, with application to Junctions and Vortons,
    B. Carter, lecture presentation, Paris, May 2009.

  • Le principe anthropique,
    B. Carter, propos recuellis par D. Fossé, P. Henarejos,  Ciel et Espace   456   (mai 2008)   28-34.

  • Black Hole Equilibrium States, Part 1: Analytic and Geometic properties of the Kerr solution,
    B. Carter,   in Black Holes (Les Houches 1972)   ed B and C. DeWitt, (Gordon Breach, New York 1973)) 57-124

  • Black Hole Equilibrium States, Part 2: General Theory of Stationary Black Hole States,
    B. Carter,   in Black Holes (Les Houches 1972)   ed B and C. DeWitt, (Gordon Breach, New York 1973)) 125-214.

  • Cosmological expansion and thermodynamic mechanisms in cosmic string dynamics,
    B. Carter, M. Sakellariadou, X. Martin,   Phys. Rev.  D50  (1994) 682-699.

  • Separability of the Killing-Maxwell system underlying the generalised angular momentum constant in the Kerr-Newman black hole metrics,
    B. Carter,   J. Math. Phys.   28  (1987) 1535-1538.

  • Fields in nonaffine bundles: B. Carter,  Phys. Rev.   D33  (1986)
    I The general bitensorially covariant differentiation procedure ,    983-990;
    II Gauge coupled generalisationof harmonic mappings and their Bunting identities ,    991-996.

  • Perfect fluid and magnetic field conservation laws in the theory of black hole accretion rings,
    B. Carter,   in Active Galactic Nuclei, ed. C. Hazard, S. Mitton (Cambridge 1979) 273-300.

  • Generalised total angular momentum operator for the Dirac equation in curved space-time,
    B. Carter, R.G. McLenaghan,   Phys. Rev.   D19  (1979) 1093-1097.

  • Killing tensor quantum numbers and conserved quantities in curved space,
    B. Carter,   Phys. Rev.   D16  (1977) 3395-3414.

  • Gravitational and acoustic waves in an elastic medium,
    B. Carter, H. Quintana,   Phys. Rev.   D16  (1977) 2928-2938.

  • Axisymmetric Black Hole Has Only Two Degrees of Freedom,
    B. Carter,  Phys. Rev. Lett.   26  (1971) 331-333.   
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  • Killing horizons and orthogonally transitive groups in space-time,
    B. Carter,   J. Math. Phys.   10  (1969) 70-81.

  • Global structure of the Kerr family of gravitational fields,
    B. Carter,  Phys. Rev.   174  (1968) 1559-1571.

  • Complete analytic extension of the symmetry axis of Kerr's solution of the Einstein equations,
    B. Carter,  Phys. Rev.   141  (1966) 1242-1247.

    Hamilton-Jacobi separable spaces.

    B. Carter,  Cambridge Ph.D. Thesis, Chapters III and IV (D.A.M.T.P., 1967).

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